The Call Of Nature – How to prepare for natural childbirth

How to prepare for a natural childbirthMothers to be have many questions about how to prepare for natural childbirth, and there are both personal and practical aspects to be considered.  In its simplest terms, natural childbirth refers to giving birth without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgical interventions.  Some women think that this means they need to avoid the hospital altogether, but this is not the case at all.  Hospitals are not adverse to natural birth, and many hospitals even welcome experienced midwives to coach the new mothers through the process.  Thus, one of the first steps is to make the decision of home birth or hospital birth, and then proceed from there.

If a mother decides that she would like to be in a hospital, then the next step is to decide whether she wants a midwife as well as an obstetrician.  Choosing a midwife can be very helpful, since along with being a coach for the mother, the midwife also acts as a liaison and mediator between the mother and the hospital staff.  This can ensure that the mother’s wishes for a natural process are carried out.  The midwife can also provide emotional and spiritual support as well as physical coaching.

Mothers who choose to use a hospital without a midwife will need to make sure that they have a doctor who respects and agrees with their wishes and a staff who is also open to this process.  This may take some time over the course of the pregnancy to establish a trusting and caring relationship with professionals so that the choice of a natural childbirth will be honored.  It is perfectly acceptable for an expectant mother to “shop around” for the practitioner who will best honor her needs and provide medical support.  Once this relationship has been established, further planning can be considered.

Mothers who opt for a home birth will want to find a midwife and establish a relationship that will also support trust.  The midwife can also help guide the expectant mother about how to prepare for natural childbirth by offering methods of relaxation, breathing, and pain management during labor.  The midwife can help to educate the mother on what to expect and this can lead to further considerations about what needs to be prepped.

Personal preparations are also important.  Simple things can be of great benefit during labor and can often be overlooked if they are not set aside in advance.  Some of these items can include lollipops and hard candies to combat dry-mouth, a pillow to squeeze during contractions, a small paper bag to monitor breathing, and a bite guard to reduce jaw tension.  Other items that inspire comfort and solace may be very individual, but making a list as the months go by can help mothers get ready for the big day with a sense of security and confidence.

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