Giving Birth: More Than A Series Of Pushes

Giving Birth

Giving Birth

Pregnant women have a tendency to become very laser-focused on the physical changes that occur during the birthing process, from early to active labor, to the afterbirth and recovery. Although these physical stages are a huge part of the birthing process, and pregnant women should learn as much as possible about the changes that are occurring, they are not the only processes to consider. There are also many emotional changes that take place during birth. While many mood changes are attributable to hormonal fluctuations, there is also a psychology that accompanies giving birth, and this is an important emotional factor that mothers to be should explore.  These psychological factors are centered on two major themes: that of transition and of self-definition.

The Theme Of Transition

The first theme of transition is the right of passage that giving birth represents.  Regardless of the age of the mother to be, having a first child marks a huge life change.  Socially, this transition is both celebrated and seen as the need to take on a new role as a female. It always represents a change in lifestyle, even if mom was never the sort to stay out late and sleep in. But the overwhelming feeling should be one of gain, rather than loss.  One way that mothers can work through this emotional aspect is to embrace all of the celebration of new life, and incorporate it into existing perspectives of life.  This meshing can help to ease the transition and achieve a balance between the idea of the woman and the mother.

The Theme Of Self-Definition

Most pregnant women are very excited about the prospect of giving birth, and many women aspire to motherhood as a part of the journey of life.  However, when faced with pregnancy and a due date, the reality of a new little life and all that this change entails begins to create personal reflections on purpose and goal.  These feelings are very natural, and even the most excited mother will experience them at one point or another.  Exploring these feelings and finding peace with them will help to ease the woman into motherhood and will promote bonding with the newborn. Plus, mothers who have dealt with these emotional issues before giving birth will often show less of a predisposition for post-partum depression, and often settle into their new identity as mother with greater ease.


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