Tricks For A Fast Labor

Fast LaborLabor can be a difficult, painful, and exhausting experience, although it is one that will be linked to one of the single most joyous moments of your life. Labor is different for every woman, and it is impossible to tell for sure what your labor experience will be like. Even if you have given birth before, there is no guarantee that the births will be the same, or even similar, and each birth is an entirely new and unique experience.

Fast labor is something that many women wish for, and for good reason. The labor experience is often quite difficult, and the ultimate goal of labor is to get the baby or babies into the world. Each woman experiences labor differently, and some may have fast labors while others can remain in labor for over a full day before giving birth. While there may be no guarantee of a fast labor, there are certain techniques and tricks a woman can use to help her body labor faster, and get her baby into the world more quickly.

One way to really help your body to achieve a fast labor is by relaxation. When you are stressed or anxious, the body needs to work harder to perform its natural processes, and labor is very much a natural process. While the pain of labor may make it difficult to curb your anxiety or stress, finding distraction, relaxation, or coping techniques is very important if you wish to have a fast labor. One trick you can use while laboring is finding a certain object within the room, and focusing on it as much as possible during labor. Try to put all of your attention and energy into this certain object, and use it to distract your brain from recognizing the anxiety inducing labor pains. Allowing yourself to stay relaxed is one of the most trusted ways to ensure that you will have a fast labor.

Another trick to ensure a fast labor is allowing gravity to be your friend. While most women labor while lying on their backs, standing, walking, or squatting during labor can be extremely effective in speeding up the process, and this is a trick used by many women to help them to achieve a fast labor. Laboring in a vertical position, rather than a horizontal one, helps to move the baby downward as it softens the cervix, promotes dilation, and also aids in widening the pelvis and readying your body for delivery.

While no technique may promise a fast labor, there are many others out there that can help you to help your body when it comes to having a fast labor. If a fast labor is something that concerns you, consider speaking to the professionals overseeing your labor and delivery about different fast labor tricks and techniques.

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Photo credit: maessive / Foter / CC BY-ND


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