Working Towards An Easy Labor

Easy Labor

Easy Labor

Many women recognize the pain and work associated with labor as part of the birthing process, but many don’t realize that there are steps you can take and techniques you can learn to help make the process a smooth one. An easy labor is something that many women wish for before going through with labor and delivery, and this can be a very attainable goal for many women.

One way to help with achieving the goal of an easier labor is with exercise, and more specifically, exercise of the legs. While laboring is so often done while lying horizontally, it is thought that laboring vertically can help to speed the process by allowing gravity to work with you rather than against you. Laboring vertically is much easier and more comfortable to achieve when a woman keeps her leg muscles strong and has plenty of endurance, so if you should want to labor vertically, skipping a leg day should never be an option. Doing simple is the best leg exercise for pregnant women to practice if they are planning to labor vertically, as it strengthens the proper muscles of the leg while not being overly exerting to the expectant mother. A few squat exercises done every day will ensure stronger legs, and an easier time laboring in a vertical position.

Studies have also shown that eating dates during the last month of pregnancy may assist in achieving an easy labor. On average, women who had dates once per day during this month of pregnancy had shorter labors and less need for labor inducing medications when compared to women who did not eat dates, and this can be chalked up to a compound found within the fruit. Dates have a chemical compound within them that has the same effect on the body as the hormone Oxycontin, or “the cuddle hormone”, and this hormone is what the body uses to kick-start labor. It is thought that having around six dates per day will have the best results.

Getting plenty of sleep throughout your pregnancy may seem like a simple idea, but it is also a concept thought to help women with achieving easy labor. Sleep promotes proper hormone balances and helps to recharge your body, allowing your natural processes to work more efficiently. Women who made sure to get plenty of sleep all throughout their last trimester of pregnancy are thought to have easier labors than women who had 7 hours or less.

An easy labor doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to achieve, and there are simple ways you can help your body to have one.

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