Ways To Achieve Natural Labor Pain Relief

Natural Labor Pain Relief

Natural Labor Pain Relief

Natural labor pain relief is an important thing to consider when planning a natural birth, as labor pain can be a large source of anxiety for expectant mothers. While labor is normally quite painful, there is a great variety of medication free pain relief options available to women who wish to labor naturally while still wanting some relief from labor pains. Natural methods are also beneficial as they do not carry with them the side effects associated with other methods of relief, making it a sometimes more comfortable option for a laboring woman. Also, many natural methods can be used along with pain medication given during labor, allowing you another option in giving yourself the most pleasant labor experience possible.

One method of natural labor pain relief that should never be underestimated is laboring in water. Warm water helps so relax the body, relieve stress, and sooth tense muscles, and all of these factors are very important in natural relief. Many hospitals even offer birthing tubs for women who wish to use water as a soothing tool, and some insurance companies will cover the use of at-home birthing tubs. Should you not have a birthing tub available to you, taking a warm shower or bath in a standard tub works just as efficiently in helping to ease labor pain naturally.

Relaxation is such a huge part of natural labor pain relief, as it helps to release important hormones and helps to speed the process of labor. Stress and anxiety have been long proven to tense the muscles, and muscle tension is exactly what you do not need during labor and delivery. While relaxation may be difficult to achieve during labor, there are various techniques available to help you to relax your mind and body as much as possible. Adding something as simple as aromatherapy candles to your room can aid in relaxation, a massage can work wonders to relax your muscles during labor, and having a helpful support system to aid you in relaxation, no matter the method, can also make a world of difference.

While labor pains may be intimidating and scary, it is incredibly important to remember that labor is a natural process your body was built to perform, and to try to relax during labor. Natural labor pain relief methods and techniques are widely available to expectant mothers everywhere, and these methods should aid in making the process of labor a bit less frightening.

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