Methods To Reduce Labor Pain Naturally


Medications used to reduce labor pain can come with a laundry list of side effects for both mother and child, so it is not surprise that methods used to reduce labor pain naturally are skyrocketing in popularity in recent years. There is a vast array of different tried and tested techniques to help you to reduce your labor pain naturally, and learning a few of these different methods can be extremely beneficial to your overall labor and delivery experience.


Applying heat to an aching area is a great way to reduce labor pain naturally, as heat is proven to help to relax and unwind tense muscles. During the process of labor, many different muscle systems are working very hard to ready your body for delivery, and this can cause deep aches and pains in a variety of different muscles. Seemingly unrelated muscles, like those in the arms or feet, may begin to ache as labor progresses, and applying a hot compress to these areas can help to ease the tension and relieve the pain.


While heat is an excellent way to reduce labor pain naturally, relaxing in warm water is even better. Warm water not only has heat to ease your tense muscles, it also provides a sense of buoyancy and weightlessness while you are going through labor, helping you to relax and allow the process to occur naturally. Some hospitals have birthing tubs available for women trying to reduce their labor pain naturally, but a shower or regular bathtub can work just as well. Laboring in the water is also known as hydrotherapy, and the benefits of this method of natural labor pain reduction are both well known and celebrated.


Distraction and focus techniques are also very beneficial when it comes to helping to reduce your labor pain naturally, as the mind can be a very powerful tool when overcoming the feeling of pain. A great trick to try is to imagine a place you love; whether it is a vacation destination or just somewhere that makes you feel comfortable, try to think of a relaxing location that makes you happy. When the pain begins to overwhelm you, close your eyes and go to that place, and try to recognize every little thing you love about it. Practicing this technique long before the pain of labor begins is ideal, as you will be better able to train your brain to focus on your desired destination. 

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